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Home office

Designing a bespoke home office space to maximise storage

Designing a home office is a much simpler process than designing a kitchen as the overall project is usually much smaller, and with no appliances to account for! Our retail Partners simply adapt our standard kitchen cabinetry to suit the layout of the room and requests from their client; the most important thing is to ensure that aesthetics also account for ergonomics and functionality of the space. 

A truly bespoke dual home office space to maximise storage

A truly bespoke dual home office

With the demand for home offices higher than ever, our partners are expanding their offerings from kitchens and bathrooms, to bespoke furniture for any room in the home; safe in the knowledge that we are able to bring their bespoke designs to life.

Low VOC Kitchens

Low VOC Kitchens, Home Offices and Fitted Wardrobes with Arbor Lane

In recent years Arbor Lane has seen a surge of interest in healthier and greener options for our bespoke furniture projects. One frequent question has been about VOC levels of our furniture.  What are VOCs? Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are carbon-containing substances that easily become vapours or gases. Common VOCs include benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, flammable al ...

In-Frame home office in Sevenoaks

In-frame bespoke home office furniture

A truly bespoke home office solution isn't something that is readily or easily available on the market at the moment, and many of our retail showroom partners have taken advantage of this over the past 12 months. 


Trade Customers

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If you are a trade professional looking for a furniture workshop to bring life to your bespoke kitchen and interior designs, please call us on 01634 940953 or email [email protected].