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Built to stand the test of time


Sustainability and our impact on the environment is hugely important to us, and that is why we make a conscious effort to only use sustainably sourced materials and practises for the furniture that we manufacture.

Arbor Lane Bespoke Sustainable Kitchens

Responsibly Sourced Timber

We only use timber from responsible, well-managed certified forests, and our precise machinery ensures waste is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Arbor Lane Bespoke Sustainable Kitchen

Built To Last

We use only the finest materials of the highest quality, and every single piece of furniture we create is built to last a lifetime, with dovetailed drawers, robust cabinets, solid hinges and never-fail door closures. 

Giving Back

A Tree For A Tree

We know the importance of trees to our world, and we are proud to support The National Forest. We plant a tree for every kitchen, bedroom and bathroom we create. 

Turning Waste Into Heat

Our limited amount of waste and scrap wood is burned in our workshop wood burner, providing an essential heat source for our entire workshop throughout the year. 

Low VOC With Arbor Lane

Arbor Lane uses Mylands paint which is classed as a Low VOC product. VOC refers to a class of chemicals that begin to vaporise under typical indoor temperature and pressure conditions. High levels of VOC solvents contribute to the formation of pollution and reduce the indoor air quality. Find out how this can help you secure more business.

Giving Back

A Tree For A Tree

We are delighted to be a CSR partner of the National Forest, supporting one of the boldest environmentally led regeneration initiatives in the country. With our donations the National Forest is planting trees, creating new woodlands, managing wildlife habitats and supporting people and businesses to enjoy and benefit from this new wooded landscape.

We help do our bit, and we plant a tree for every furniture project we manufacture.

Arbor Lane Bespoke Sustainable Kitchens

Doing Our Bit

Our furniture is handmade to order using traditional techniques, modern machinery, sustainable timber and materials of the highest quality. 

Arbor Lane Bespoke Sustainable Kitchen

Doing Your Bit

We plant a tree for every furniture order you place with us, and you receive a certificate documenting your participation to the National Forest Regeneration Scheme.

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The Importance Of Being Sustainable

Arbor Lane Bespoke Kitchens For The Trade
Arbor Lane Bespoke Kitchens For The Trade
Arbor Lane Bespoke Kitchens For The Trade



With FSC® certification, we are proud that all MDF panels we use for your projects are purchased from Medite, who are known for supplying strong, versatile and the highest quality of MDF Panels. We can confidently say that our MDF panels come from a sustainable source and are CARB2 Rated, meaning that the levels of Formaldehyde are low; due to this, our MDF panels are safer for your clients homes.



Arbor Lane Bespoke Kitchens For The Trade
Arbor Lane Bespoke Kitchens For The Trade

Arbor Lane Interiors

Our Origins

noun: arbor
Quite simply, arbor is the Latin word for tree. 
Each and every single piece of furniture we create is handmade using solid oak, tulip wood and maple. We believe in creating beautiful furniture to stand the test of time, using the finest, responsibly sourced timbers, from well-managed forests. 
Working with Arbor Lane has been a breath of fresh air. Nothing is ever too much trouble; they work so hard to bring my kitchen designs to life, and deliver them to my clients' houses on time too. The process is so simple and I cannot recommend them enough.

Working With Us Is Simple.

We work with you to bring your bespoke kitchen and furniture designs to life. We manufacture bespoke, hand-painted in-frame kitchens and furniture for any room in your clients' home. 

Who Are We?

About Arbor Lane Interiors

We are an experienced and established business based in the heart of Kent, and we manufacture bespoke, handmade kitchens and interiors for trade professionals. If you are an architect, interior designer, property developer, contractor or kitchen retailer, and you are looking for a British company to manufacture your bespoke designs for your clients, please do get in touch. 

The Process Is Simple

Why Arbor Lane Interiors?

We have been in the bespoke furniture industry for a number of years, and we know how important it is to deliver an impeccable product with first class customer service, within a sensible time frame, and at a sensible cost. 

Totally Bespoke

Absolutely no size restrictions.

Unlimited Colours

We offer an unlimited spectrum of paint colours.

Sensible Timescales

We promise to deliver on time, every time. 

Discreet Delivery

We deliver to site in 
non-sign written vans.

Trade Customers

Contact Us

If you are a trade professional looking for a furniture workshop to bring life to your bespoke kitchen and interior designs, please call us on 01634 940953 or email [email protected].