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Welcome to our Heritage Page! 

Take a journey back in time and discover the roots of Arbor Lane. We aim to bring our history to life and give you a glimpse of how Arbor Lane has evolved over the years.

Arbor Lane's First Sample Cabinet CAD Drawing

Starting in 2009, Danny created the first Arbor Lane sample cabinet using a basic edition of Google SketchUp. He asked an independent cabinet maker to help him bring it to life.

Once the first sample cabinet was made, Danny visited a potential partner and converted this into Arbor Lanes first partnership, growing the company.

Arbor Lane's First Workshop!

Danny's search for a trustworthy furniture manufacturer began when the independent cabinet maker retired. However, after examining 11 different companies, he discovered that all of them were unreliable, taking weeks to respond to his queries.

Recognising the importance of a dependable furniture manufacturer for his partner, Danny made the decision to establish his own workshop in 2010. The initial workshop was modest, measuring just 10 metres wide and employing a team of four who specialised in crafting in-frame furniture. Additionally, a small kitchen display was featured in the workshop office, a beautiful rustic barn dating back to the 14th century.

Upgrading The Workshop!

As Arbor Lane continued to grow partners, the small workshop needed an upgrade. In 2015, Arbor Lane moved into a 5,000 square foot unit, which is still their location today. 

In 2020, fortune smiled upon Arbor Lane when the adjacent unit became available. This golden opportunity allowed Arbor Lane to take a significant leap forward by expanding the workshop, effectively doubling its size. As a result, Arbor Lane was able to accommodate more projects and meet the growing demands of its clients. Moreover, the expansion brought a positive impact on the local community, as Arbor Lane seized the chance to hire and empower talented individuals from the neighbourhood, fostering a sense of pride and collaboration within the community.

Arbor Lane Partners With Blum!

Having moved over to Blum products at an early stage, we were delighted when the opportunity arose to partner in 2021. Blum approached Arbor Lane to explore in-frame furniture, as they had previously focused on lay-on kitchens. After working closely together, Arbor Lane set up a full kitchen display at Blum Headquarters in Milton Keynes.

This impressive showcase now serves as a valuable resource for partners, offering them an exceptional selling tool to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and design capabilities of Arbor Lane's in-frame furniture.


Upgrading Our Spray Booths

In 2022, a pivotal decision was made to upgrade the spray booths at Arbor Lane, signalling a new era for the company. Previously only offering hand painted finished, this upgrade allowed Arbor Lane to offer sprayed finished, whilst also introducing the wood grain door styles and unveiling a remarkable selection of 10 distinct door styles for partners to present to their clients.
Working with Arbor Lane has been a breath of fresh air. Nothing is ever too much trouble; they work so hard to bring my kitchen designs to life, and deliver them to my clients' houses on time too. The process is so simple and I cannot recommend them enough.

Working With Us Is Simple.

We work with you to bring your bespoke kitchen and furniture designs to life. We manufacture bespoke, hand-painted in-frame kitchens and furniture for any room in your clients' home. 

Who Are We?

About Arbor Lane Interiors

We are an experienced and established business based in the heart of Kent, and we manufacture bespoke, handmade kitchens and interiors for trade professionals. If you are an architect, interior designer, property developer, contractor or kitchen retailer, and you are looking for a British company to manufacture your bespoke designs for your clients, please do get in touch. 

The Process Is Simple

Why Arbor Lane Interiors?

We have been in the bespoke furniture industry for a number of years, and we know how important it is to deliver an impeccable product with first class customer service, within a sensible time frame, and at a sensible cost. 

Totally Bespoke

Absolutely no size restrictions.

Unlimited Colours

We offer an unlimited spectrum of paint colours.

Sensible Timescales

We promise to deliver on time, every time. 

Discreet Delivery

We deliver to site in 
non-sign written vans.

Trade Customers

Contact Us

If you are a trade professional looking for a furniture workshop to bring life to your bespoke kitchen and interior designs, please call us on 01634 940953 or email [email protected].