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Bedroom Furniture

Fitted Wardrobe And Bedside Table Set

Joining with their office furniture, we worked with our retail showroom partners to manufacture bespoke fitted wardrobes and a bedside table set.  

The beauty in bespoke means that we can customise the furniture to fit your client's specific needs. In this case, mirrors were added to the frame of the wardrobe doors as requested by the client, also keeping the traditional look of the design.

Luxury Freestanding In-Frame Wardrobe For An Established Multi-Plot Development

As well as designers and retail showroom partners, we work with single and multi-plot developers to create bespoke, in-frame furniture of the highest quality, for high-end new build properties across the UK.

Low VOC Kitchens

Low VOC Kitchens, Home Offices and Fitted Wardrobes with Arbor Lane

In recent years Arbor Lane has seen a surge of interest in healthier and greener options for our bespoke furniture projects. One frequent question has been about VOC levels of our furniture.  What are VOCs? Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are carbon-containing substances that easily become vapours or gases. Common VOCs include benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, flammable al ...

In-Frame Shaker Wardrobes in Chelmsford

In-Frame Dressing Room Project

As a room of it's own, our retail showroom partner was able to present a totally bespoke, in-frame wardrobe solution to their client, securing the project on the basis that the room could be designed and handmade to the exact specifications of the homeowners' clothing and accessories.

Trade Customers

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If you are a trade professional looking for a furniture workshop to bring life to your bespoke kitchen and interior designs, please call us on 01634 940953 or email [email protected].