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Truly Bespoke Service

Our Door Range

You have 11 different door styles to choose from when designing a project using Arbor Lane furniture; offering your customers an even more bespoke experience.

In-Frame Shaker Door

In-Frame Shaker

The In-Frame Shaker door will give your designs a simple yet elegant look, best for traditional homes. 

In-Frame Narrow Shaker Door

Adding a twist to the traditional In-Frame Shaker door, the Narrow Shaker door has a 25mm frame around the door. 

In-Frame Slab

Coming away from the In-Frame Shaker door style, we do offer the In-Frame Slab door to those who require it for their designs. 

In-Frame Staff Bead Shaker

Adding some character the In-Frame Shaker door, this door has a stunning staff bead detailed frame.

In-Frame Raised Panel Shaker

The In-Frame Raised Panel Shaker has a flushed front with Shaker detailing, best for contemporary designs. 

In-Frame Scotia Shaker

Adding character the classic Shaker door, the In-Frame Door Bead & Staff Bead door has a Double Bead detail on the door frame and on the front of the door.

In-Frame Raised Door Moulding Shaker

A Raised Moulding inside an In-Frame Shaker door, best for those bigger kitchen designs.

In-Frame Door Bead Shaker & Staff Bead

Adding character the classic Shaker door, the In-Frame Door Bead & Staff Bead door has a Double Bead detail on the door frame and on the front of the door.

In-Frame Flush Door Moulding Shaker & Staff Bead

A Flush Moulding on the front of the door, with the detailed Staff Bead around the frame.

In-Frame Raised & Fielded Staff Bead

A Raised & Fielded centre panel with the detailed Staff Bead on the frame.

In-Frame Shaker Wood Grain Sprayed

A solid in-frame wood door with a sprayed finish illuminating the wood grain, giving off a lovely finish.

Adding more to your range

Door Additions

By removing the centre panel of the doors, we can add additional materials to your designs, expanding your bespoke offerings to your clients.

Glass Door

In-Frame Shaker Glass Door

Frosted Glass

This is for illustrational purposes 

Reeded Glass

Wired Glass

Mirrored Doors


Decorative Grilles

Decorative Panels

Who Are We?

About Arbor Lane Interiors

We are an experienced and established business based in the heart of Kent, and we manufacture bespoke, handmade kitchens and interiors for trade professionals. If you are an architect, interior designer, property developer, contractor or kitchen retailer, and you are looking for a British company to manufacture your bespoke designs for your clients, please do get in touch. 

The Process Is Simple

Why Arbor Lane Interiors?

We have been in the bespoke furniture industry for a number of years, and we know how important it is to deliver an impeccable product with first class customer service, within a sensible time frame, and at a sensible cost. 

Totally Bespoke

Absolutely no size restrictions.

Unlimited Colours

We offer an unlimited spectrum of paint colours.

Sensible Timescales

We promise to deliver on time, every time. 

Discreet Delivery

We deliver to site in 
non-sign written vans.

Arbor Lane have transformed the service I am able to offer my clients. There are no design limitations and the service they provide is second to none. Delivery is always on time and we are kept well informed throughout the manufacture process too.

We work with you to bring your bespoke kitchen and furniture designs to life. We manufacture bespoke, hand-painted in-frame kitchens and furniture for any room in your clients' home. 

Working With Us Is Simple.

Trade Customers

Contact Us

If you are a trade professional looking for a furniture workshop to bring life to your bespoke kitchen and interior designs, please call us on 01634 940953 or email [email protected].