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Blog Post Ideas For Your Kitchen Retailer Website

Blog Post Ideas For Your Kitchen Retailer Website

If you are a kitchen retailer, your website is a key part of your business and should showcase your designs, service and products well, to stand out against your competitors. Your website is a lead generation tool, and to ensure it stays relevant and discoverable on search engines, regular content creation is key.

A blog is a great way of creating regular new and engaging content to drive traffic to your website, and can be updated as little or as often as you see fit. In an ideal world, you will be creating content for your blog on a weekly basis, however this is not always an easy task. 

Whether you are looking for new ideas to populate your kitchen retailer blog, or you are hoping to get started on creating a website blog in the new year, we have put together some ideas for you:

1. Meet the team
A great blog post at any time of year, a meet the team article showcases who is behind your website and your business. It is a well known fact that people buy from people, and when investing in new furniture for their home, your client will ultimately make the purchase if they like you, your service and your products on offer.

You could choose to share a generic roundup of the team, or create a series of blog posts showcasing individual members of your team, who your clients may speak to throughout their kitchen renovation journey.

2. Latest news and achievements
Has your most recent kitchen installation been showcased on an interiors blog? Have you provided expert comment for a feature in the latest kbb magazine? Share this on your blog! Documenting your company's latest news and achievements will not only boost moral, it will showcase to your clients the hard work and dedication you put into your business. 

3. New project installations
There is no better way to promote your furniture offerings than with professional imagery of your kitchen installations. A great place to start with a new website blog is to share the stories behind your projects, starting with the brief from your client, the solutions you offered and the final outcome.

If possible, always try to professionally photograph each project to showcase. The Arbor Lane marketing team will arrange for professional imagery to be taken of your projects if required, at no cost at all to you. Please email [email protected] for more information.

4. Industry trends and insights
Are white kitchens the predicted trend for 2022? Is the breakfast pantry the new morning hero? Are you designing more navy kitchens with breakfast bars than ever? Share your expert industry knowledge with your clients, and answer questions that potential clients may be searching for on Google. The most successful blog posts are those that are most relevant to a potential client's search terms and questions during their kitchen renovation journey.

5. What to expect from your design service
Your design service and the bespoke furniture you offer is ultimately what sets you apart from your competitors, so details about what your clients can expect from your showroom and your services are essential! Again, use professional imagery of your showroom if you have it, and if you don't, get in touch and we can take it for you. All we ask is that we are also able to use the imagery on our channels to promote the bespoke furniture we manufacture. 

6. Top tips, design ideas, kitchen layouts, your top tips for creating the ultimate family kitchen; there really are so many things to create content about. You can also repurpose your content across all your digital channels: social media, mailers to your mailing list etc.

Our Display Partners have access to a library of imagery of over 30 projects to use on their website and social media channels, and exclusive access to specification and marketing support from our in-house CAD and Marketing teams. 

Please do get in touch for support should you require it: [email protected]

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